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Energy in Motion

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Healing Through Energy

Let your heart, body, mind, and spirit recuperate with help from me, John Steinbauer of Energy in Motion. I am a master of energy healing, here to assist in realigning peace and allowing it to flow back into your life. Through Reiki, soundscapes, sound healing, and meditation, we can work together on opening your heart and mind as you let go of all the stress and worries troubling your mind.

I will be with you through the whole process as you discover the beauty of energy healing and progress towards holistic well-being. With an office currently located in Southeast Michigan, I cater to clients from all over the world.

Presenting a New Perspective on Health and Wellness

There are claims that the music composed by Solfeggio and Schumann as well as other frequencies out there can heal a person. What I have come to learn is that everything in the universe—you, me, our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and everything we create or imagine—is comprised of energy.

That energy is then connected and vibrates at different rates and levels. The lower the vibration, the harder it is for one to navigate through life. The slower it becomes, it gets stuck, which causes various problems including with our health. Make it higher or faster, and it will help that energy flow, creating an easier and well-balanced life. If it is in continuous motion, you’re never giving your cells a chance to become dormant, resulting in their breakdown and for the disease to run rampant.

Energy Tones Are Everywhere

On the other hand, everything in the cosmos has a signature tone assigned to it. This means that each signature identifies that tone and how each identifier connects with the preceding vibrations and energy that goes with it. 

To put it simply, every planet, solar system, and galaxy to the grass we walk on, the mountains we climb, the lakes, seas and oceans all have these signatures. You, my friend, do too, as does your family pet and even the air we tend to take for granted.

When these areas small and large are in harmony, everything in that area simply flows in complete unity; change the dynamics and we experience an unpleasant reality. Please make your own conclusions on the amazing findings you will discover.

In my experience and those of my clients, family, and friends, those frequencies, when combined with the different genres of soundscape music, meditation, and Reiki will greatly benefit you and bring you to a peaceful, flowing, and nurturing place of being. It has worked with me so profoundly that I use it to start my day and end it in complete balance. It has also healed many of my ailments.

If you would like to learn more about the effects of energy, look into Dr. Emoto’s research. Our bodies are made up of more than 75% water, and therefore by being stuck in the negative energy patterns, our bodies succumb too. According to his research, those patterns can create a rippling effect on our body, mind, and heart down to a cellular level.

What Happens When Your Energy Is Balanced

We are moving through a time period like nothing else—from our solar system to our planet and then to us as individuals. By maintaining a peaceful state of being, everything you go through on your journey will be much easier, and you’ll remain calm with an open heart and mind. Your overall being will simply flow in rhythm when that blissful state is achieved.

In retrospect, we must boost our health, have more energy, and let go of things that are of no use to us. Let in things—happier thoughts, balance, and abundance—that will not just serve you but also open that spiritual door of freedom we all deserve. If we are in peace and love ourselves, then we do the same to others in true co-existence and harmony.

Deep within our hearts and soul, we all truly want peace, compassion, happiness, and vibrant health in our lives. We desire for connections that bring the people we share life with to a level that opens doors, pulling you closer to a degree most don’t experience. Energy in Motion will help you personally achieve all of that. Your new journey begins here. Welcome!

Fun Facts About Reiki

  • Dr. Oz and many other healing professionals use Reiki in their practice, resulting in astounding outcomes.
  • Most hospitals use Reiki and actually teach it.
  • Hospices apply the method to aid the patients in relaxing, dealing with pain and fear, and in crossing over. The method also helps their families process the situation when their loved one is passing as well as after they do cross over.
  • Movie stars, professional athletes, and corporate executives use Reiki, meditation, and sound therapy.