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Energy in Motion

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Helping You Achieve a Blissful State of Serenity

Consultation periods will be held before and after each session with me. As I have stated before, I involve myself in every step of your progress. No matter if it’s for healing or learning, my heart is open and my personal touch creates an atmosphere that lets you know you’re taken care of in all aspects.

Together, there is nothing we can’t achieve. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. 22 Lunar is currently located in Southeast Michigan, but I cater to clients from all over the world.

Healing for the Planet (Happy Hour)

I perform a session for the planet every midnight. Feel free to add any name to my list—may it be a geographic location, your pet, family members, friends, and any loved ones distant or close—and I will send them distant healing energy. Please give me their name, what location and what their having difficulties with. Every morning and evening I send out healing to the planet; I'm honored to help, many blessings to you, your families and friends.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Energy In Motion Program 

Sound healing with specialty tuned rare crystal bowls, conscious expanding soundscapes and Reiki in one program.

22 Lunar's Energy In Motion

Is a diverse program I came up with; one of a kind healing that is truly powerful, the healing is so unique that it has profound results, not just a cellular level; but on a physical, etheric, emotional, mental, astral and celestial fields level. Clearing the entire body, mind, soul, heart and auric energy fields.  When one is a sleep the subconscious rests and the expansion of the ultra consciousness opens which lets the sound, tones and vibrations clear any blockages easily and in complete flow,

The combination of sound therapy, music and Reiki - truly is divine in nature, how it adapts to our energy; creating that flow, helping ease tension and restrictions that places us in alternating moods and emotions that in turn create adverse affects on our brain, organs, tissue, muscles, heart and all areas of our body. 

Please check out all my healing programs at 22Lunar.com

My Crystal Bowls (covering all areas of mind, body & spirit)

12" Love Bowl- Perfect Pitch, 1st root to 4th heart , F & C Notes, Virgo and Aries

12" Dream Maker Bowl- Perfect Pitch, 6th chakra , A# Third eye/ Pineal Gland , Aquarius 

16" Relationship Bowl- Perfect Pitch, 7th chakra, D# Adrenal Glands, Cancer 

8" Percussive tone Universal/Heart Bowl- 5th chakra, 528 hertz 

7" Angel Goddess Bowl- Perfect Pitch, 8th-9th chakra (very rare), 5D, Gemini  

Stimulates the nerve bundles along the spine, up into the brain stem and then through the limbic system. The sound from the crystal bowls stimulates the medulla in the brain stem and activates the auditory nerve that connects all the muscles of the body. These signals then flood the brain with mood lifting chemicals. In addition, the low frequencies cause a relaxation of the tissues, and a dilation of blood vessels, as well as, an opening of the lymphatic pathways which, in turn, increases the body's ability to heal. 

" In all of my years of going to holistic healthcare providers (now over 20 years); I have never come across a healer that not just is extremely gifted, but is truly a beautiful hearted and loving soul. One who cares so much that before the sessions and after is truly there for you. Opening dialogues of other areas of energy and sound healing i never knew existed. He has come out to my home even at midnight and has even helped my daughter in law who lives in Peru; She was having surgery and was extremely nervous and having anxiety attacks. John did distance reiki and she was in complete peace and had a successful surgery; John even sent reiki to the surgeons and medical staff and rooms in the hospital where she would be visiting. All in all; John's program of sound therapy and reiki is like nothing i have ever experienced. God bless you John and thank you so wholeheartedly very much!' 

-Diego C. (Ann Arbor, Mi)

"My very fist experience with Reiki left me thinking that it was ineffective and hokey. Then someone suggested i ask John for a session. I am really glad i did! He is extremely gifted and erased any and all doubt from my mind that Reiki is an effective practice. Combined with his amazing bowl playing (sound healing), every session i have had with him has been profound. He has also trained me in Reiki and continues to provide a wealth of advice and insight. He is a truly gifted and amazing practitioner and teacher!"

-Chi Brodie (Saline, Mi)

Group Healing

Please join me for my diverse group healings at Enlightened Soul Center in Ann Arbor. I do also travel across Michigan and the United States; anywhere a group of people would love to enjoy healing at my "sleep concerts" or other programs that bring people together that love to improve their lives!