22 Lunar

Energy in Motion

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If Words Could Describe Energy In Motion  (my Sound Therapy program)

Rest gently where you’re most comfortable and close your eyes. In a gentle whim, your ears will be filled with beautiful tones that move through your body, mind, and heart, opening that flow of peace you have been deserving for some time.

Your mind gently flows to a peaceful deep state of relaxation. As the soundscapes bring you complete comfort, the calmness of your state of being flows in harmony. Healing on a deep, natural, and blissful state occurs on many levels as you rest peacefully. When you wake, you’ll be in a complete state of serenity. This is “Energy in Motion.”

Prepare to calm your mind, body, and spirit when you schedule yourself for a therapy session. For inquiries or bookings, you may reach me by phone, email, or the form provided on the next page.