22 Lunar

Energy in Motion

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Reiki Classes

I will be conducting Reiki classes at the Enlightened Soul Center. My new home where I work on clients, hold sound healing concerts, and teach Reiki classes as well as Life Coaching, meditation and Cosmic Percussions. Each class is tailored the way I taught special education; everyone learns at their own pace and completely different. I feel we are all leaning in life; with this approach we will learn from one another and grow together as a class!

We have all different backgrounds, spiritual paths and by opening your experiences to Reiki; all areas of that journey will grow and become deeper and more profound.

Reiki is not a religion nor is it based on a belief or doctrine. It is a life force energy that we are all apart of and that we all have within our true essence of being. 

Reiki 1- "Living within your heart" - $250 (for students that would like to be able to help themselves, family and friends)

Reiki 1 & 2- "Opening the communications with your higher self"- $450 bundled price  (practitioner level)

Reiki 1, 2, and Masters- "Pure light of awakening within"- $700  bundled price (for a career or use with other practices)

Reiki 1,2, Masters, and Teachers- $900 bundled price (being certified to teach Reiki)

Reiki classes are $250 each if taken separately.

Some Reiki Class Testimonials 

"John is a very dynamic educator. He successfully gets a feel for his students and what their needs are within the class and allows the class to flow organically. More like a dialogue than a monologue. He provides the perfect mixture of conceptual teaching and hands-on  exercises which allows the material to really sink in and provide students with feedback and coaching where necessary. He truly is a rarity. He perpetually makes time to provide insight, advice, and clarification to his students even after the class has long finished. Highly recommend!" - Chi Brodie ( Reiki 1, 2, Masters May 2017)

"John's openness and approach to teaching and to our class was quite unbelievable. We had many systems of belief in our class; me being a Christian; plus we had a Muslim and a Buddhist. Not to forget a lady who spoke of her astral nature. What i truly thought would be a long weekend of disconnect an discontent was a miracle in the making. Each level of Reiki, being attuned by John and how John approached our life styles in his teachings' we grew closer and our walls faded. To be perfectly honest that's the wonderful aspect of Reiki, you come to open your heart to find that blessing in yourself and love and that love and blessing in others you never knew existed before. I want to personally thank John for helping me see that love I had within; you're a true gifted teacher and i will never forget what i received from your classes. I'm now honored to be helping others with the blessed energy of Reiki! God bless you and your family." - Peter Menweli ( Reiki 1, 2, Masters and Teachers April 2017)

"I took Reiki training 1, 2, and Masters from John. I was not sure what to expect. I had been doing some energy work and had learned from different things form a number of people. I knew that i wanted to help people with energy and that it was something i needed to learn more about. I was at a point where i was going to give up. I had just finished taking a couple of classes from another instructor who seemed more interested in figuring out what my abilities are and making a list of them, instead of helping me open them up so i could confidently use them. While John is interested in knowing what your abilities are, which is important for your instructor to know, he does not ignore the opening of your gifts and helping you learn to use them. John's class was particularly helpful for me because he approached teaching Reiki from view point i could relate to. I know other people who have taken his classes and he taught each person by the style of learning they could absorb the information best. My classmate and i needed to have a more relaxed and chatty approach to our classes where we could talk about what we were doing in a jovial manner. John provided us that sort of environment and still kept us on track to learn what we needed most. Another friend who took his classes needed a more structured approach, where it is more serious and focused on the more technical side. John provided them with an environment that was more serious and structured. While he is very professional about his work and abilities he is also able to put you at ease so you gain the most from his classes. He also makes himself available if you have any questions of any sort during your time in his classes, which can be helpful if you run into some sort of a snag in your growth. John uses crystal singing bowls during his classes to help his students clear their energy and bring about desired growth for their lives and practice of Reiki. He also teaches the use of crystal singing bowls which i have not taken, though i am sure this class is as good as his Reiki class. The bottom line is, John is an excellent instructor and if you want to learn Reiki to expand your life or to apply this resource to your calling as a health care practitioner he will be able to open that door for you."- Cheryl Cheeseman (Reiki 1, 2, and Masters May 2017)

"Thank you John Steinbauer for the unique, informative and powerful Reiki 1 and 2 and Masters Classes. Your teachings truly come from an open heart and mind, being so kind, enthusiastic, humorous, creative and full of possibilities, the experience was awesome! The classes take you to a whole new level and his support during and after the classes is off the charts. John delivers more than you could ever expect and i encourage anyone interested to check out John's Energy in Motion Reiki Certification courses, i am so happy i did, he is a joy!" - Maryann (Reiki 1,2, Masters June 2017)