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Energy in Motion

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What My Clients Have to Say

Being an unselfish healer, I make it a point to help others achieve a blissful experience whenever they take advantage of my services. Read the positive reviews that my satisfied clients have provided to get an inkling of the kind of healing that I offer.

John is very intuitive, caring and a good listener and he really cares about the work he does. He is devoted to the work he does and that is priceless. My husband and i had a couple of Reiki sessions with John; distant Reiki, a skeptic at first, we are thankful we both did. During this time we both were under a heavy amount of stress and with each session the stress simply eased and left; it was like a blinding rain storm that was following us, seemingly turned to sunshine and calm breezes.

- Sufi and Brian Olsen, Eugene, OR

I am so grateful to my dear friend John Steinbauer for offering Reiki energy to my 91 year old Mum. In July 2016, my Mum kept having recurrent episodes of mouth thrush and her doctor was at a loss why it was happening. Her demeanour changed from being upbeat person to someone who lost the will to live; she would not eat and lost of weight because of the discomfort in her mouth. So it was very worrying. Her doctor could not determine the cause of the recurrent thrush and hypersensitivity, so he referred her to a specialist consultant. In the meantime, John performed two sessions of Reiki and suddenly, about a week after, my Mum bounced back to life; eating well again and her upbeat demeanour returned and what's more, to date she remains well! Mum went on to see the specialist consultant, but he could not find anything wrong with her mouth and discharged her with a clean bill of health! Thank you John for your Reiki energy - I will forever be grateful.

                                                                                         - Della Harbar, London, UK

What an amazing experience! The combination of the music, singing bowls, and Reiki is like nothing I have felt before. The energy flow and sensations I had during my sessions were incredible. I saw colors and images. I felt so relaxed and peaceful and that feeling lasted for days. I have had other healing sessions where I did not feel much of anything and did not notice any benefits - that was not the case with John! He is a true gifted healer."

                                                  - Maria Asbel, Certified Reflexology Practitioner, Allen Park, MI

My dear friend John Steinbauer I can't forget for your help to us when my children were sick. You sent Reiki energy healing to Niken and Pandu; Pandu was in the hospital for eleven days and the doctors and nurses were at a loss for his digestive isssues and his body swelling. When you offered Reiki I did not understand how you living in USA could help my children here in Indonesia. You comforted me reassuring my mind that Reiki energy can go anywhere and help with the medicine and staff there at the hospital. You even performed your sessions at 3:30 am your time to compliment our prayer time. I'm so impressed and amazed how, with that distance, your Reiki energy helped us. After your sessions, three you performed for my son, was completely healed as well as my daughter who had a severe ear infection. Your Reiki energy healed on all levels plus helped with the recovery process. John has been there for us every time and with his open heart truly is a blessing in our lives. Thank you so very much John, your Reiki energy means so much to us. Sending you much love and hugs. We love you. God bless you always.

- Sri Berkah Riniwati Melik, Samarinda, Indonesia

A non-believer to a believer! During the session, I felt a release. Almost like heavy crying but without the tears. After I felt energetic and relaxed. Would recommend to anyone who has issues with stress or anxiety.

                                                                                        - Jim Ingram III, Northville, MI

As an individual who has been involved in Reiki share circles since my tween years, I can attest John Steinbauer is a very clear, powerful and intuitive channel for Reiki healing sessions. He has helped me release some very painful old traumas and during one recent session the energy was so uplifting I felt like I was starting to levitate off the massage table.

                                                                    -  Laura Roof, LMT & Reiki Master, Plymouth, MI